Omnivorous philanthropist is a blog by Clint Womack, an avid cyclist, educator and activist.  He works in San Francisco’s Mission District and Golden Gate Park doing youth development and environmental education programs.  He lives in the Western Addition where he tries his hand as an amateur cook, gardener, mechanic, community organizer and writer.

The name for this blog derives not from my voracious appetite for food (my friends may beg to differ) nor any personal interest in charity (on this point, they may agree). But as any good logophile would, I entreat my readers to appreciate this blog’s “omnivorous philanthropist” in the strict sense of the original Latin and Greek. Simply put, this is a blog about an all-devouring and humanity-loving boy (and his exploits). Prometheus gave me fire to build and Pandora gave me hope to persevere. I am guided by a profound belief that all life (including humanity) is a beautiful miracle and must be protected, even if at times aggressively.

Visit the Local Projects page for Clint’s activities with The Wigg Party, Carrot Mob and Sunday Streets.

Visit the One Community page to post your own events, or see what else the omnivorous philanthropist is checking out.


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