Miller Takes A Page From Levi’s Newest Marketing Strategy

Who here is a little sceptical of Levi’s recent marketing campaign? Well, who still can’t help but be impressed by the effectiveness of these ads, even if not completely convinced of their sincerity?  The new pop-up store for Levi’s in the Mission has had quite mixed reviews.  The positioning of the pop-up store in the heart of hipster heaven hasn’t prevented the well-educated populace of San Francisco from seeing this as, well, just what it is – another marketing strategy.  Maybe a more important question is: Does this marketing work?  Gauging from the amount of discussion such marketing has stirred you might think so; however, it remains to be seen if all the publicity is good.  For a much more in-depth discussion of Levi’s attempt at avant-garde marketing techniques than I am interested or capable of writing visit this Huffington Post article.

Alas, the pop-up store has now moved on, but what I find amusing and to which I wish to call your attention is a comparable attempt at hip marketing by Miller High Life.  Miller, in the below commercial, has taken a more tongue-in-cheek approach to the subversive marketing ploy.

I think this type of marketing may actually appeal more broadly to the afore-mentioned hipster community and others around the world. What are the two imperatives of such communities?  1) Cheap beer  and 2) Irony.  (Oh, did I get the order backwards?)  Miller now has it all, packaged for not much more than 50 cents a can.  I for one will stick to my micro and home brews, thank you very much.

Thanks to sfstreetsblog of all places for bringing this ironic blasphemy to my attention.

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