Play Dead – first poem on the blog


Our first step was to take a rich tradition and strip it bare we

Packed adults into slave ships, infants and children were buried

Imprison the men and force the women to bare these

Illegitimate children by the same hand the whip’s carried


Still think we can help by sending out missionaries

Pretending that somehow the shit is different, barely

Many young brown men have a choice, the decision’s scary

Express lane to the cemetery, or a potential pit stop penitentiary


We call their women ‘bitches’, their men ‘niggers’, clearly

There’s an incentive to dismember their self image ’til they carry

Chains like they were rings, ask for change we’ll claim it heresy

Only in name the legacy complete, ‘MLK’ in vain declare the street


Generations of recidivism grooms babies faced with a prison sentence

Privatize and keep drugs illicit guarantees the banks get all they need

Can we pretend they ain’t got beef with walls built to keep them quarantined

Rail road tracks, highway like a leash, and poverty taken as normalcy?


Asthmatic brats from the smog they breath, our carbon foot printed on their eaves

Throats choked by crack and speed, muzzled by TV and liquor ennui

When education makes them ornery, the answers easy – get more police

We say play dead, don’t bark or breathe, good dog, now heel and walk with me

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Matching Half Matches All: What Can the Mob Muster Up?

Live Music – Beer & Wine – Food &  Coffee – Prize Raffle – That Feel Good Feeling

Where can you get all of the above? Matching Half Café Tomorrow, that’s where.

Tomorrow afternoon from 3pm to 6pm, environmentally consciousness community members just like you are going to swarm the lovely Matching Half Café at McAllister and Baker.  Why are we going to mob this local café with as much business as we can muster?


We are the carrotmob – rewarding with the carrot, not disciplining with the stick. Matching Half has committed to match every dollar of profit that we can generate so that 200% of the profits from tomorrow’s three hour event will go directly to eco-friendly and energy-saving changes for the business.

The first purchase will be a bike trailer (a Burley Travoy to be precise) so that the owner’s of Matching Half Café (Jason and Lauren) can make local food and other deliveries by bike instead of by car.  If the carrotmob can raise enough money, the business will implement other changes as well.  They will buy large food storage containers to cut down on packaging wastes.  They will also do a trial run of organic milk for their lattes.

All of this is only possible if you come out and support Matching Half Café in making these important changes to how they operate their business. The power is in the mob. Let’s mobilize.

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Wiggle to the Carrotmob

Carrots and Coffee: Who will be the first to plaster this around your block?

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Wigg Party Party Tonight!

Hey Cats and Kiddos,

Just a quick reminder that the Wigg Party Party is this Thursday night at 7:30 pm. What is this, our 9th?? I can smell that one-year anniversary bonanza brewing…

a more magical meeting place, there never was…

This installment is shaping up to be as amazing as ever, probably more. We’re going to be recapping our HUGE month, from PARK(ing) Day to the Self-Preservation Series to 10/10/10 to Sunday Streets (we’d recap the after-party but it’s all a little fuzzy to us… something about bubbles and bike racks, found and lost). After the whirlwind recap, we’re going to preview the upcoming and extremely exciting Carrotmob event going down at Matching Half Cafe on October 23rd from 3-6 pm (Clint is going to instruct everyone on what do with your hands when you’re on camera, cause PBS is going to be there filming), and we’re also going to hear about all the developments going down with the Wiggle Transformers, include the organizational debut of City Repair SF!

Once we’re done with all that boring stuff, we’ll toast to ourselves and get to know the amazing people behind the wigs. As always, we’ll cap the night off by getting out on the Wiggle and writing inspiring messages for all you beautiful people to enjoy until the cars ruin everything again.

So come on out! You know you’ve been wanting to… If you’ve been hearing about this crazy group of revolutionaries and want to find out what we’re all about, there is no better opportunity. Plus you get to meet a bunch of really awesome people and participate in some mild civil disobedience. What’s not to like?

[Original content compliments of The Wigg Party]

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350 Kitchen Garden Challenge – Decrease Your Carbon Footprint with a Local Rootprint

350 Kitchen Garden Challenge

In a single day 350 San Francisco yards, balconies and community spaces will be transformed into bountiful food gardens, bringing local food production back to our 7 square miles. Kitchen Garden SF and Hayes Valley Farm host a global environmental work day with garden installations, maintenance and harvesting, workshops, a harvest party at Hayes Valley Farm and a bike tour of urban farms built on formerly vacant land.

Stand up to be counted, register your kitchen garden action now!
Be one of the 350 Kitchen Garden Challengers and show the world that you have a
solution to climate change, growing your own food! Register here.

Always wanted a kitchen garden but don’t know where to start?
Kitchen Garden Sf can help! Register a garden action and let us know what kiind of help you need.
Register here.

Want to volunteer in someone else’s garden?
Join the 350 Kitchen Garden Challenge and help out your neighbors. Register here.

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Pedaling the Food-Energy Revolution: Matching Half Cafe Gives a Whole New Meaning to It’s Name

Matching Half Cafe on the corner of Baker and McAllister

Hot off the presses. The next San Francisco Carrotmob will be at Matching Half Cafe (Baker @ McAllister) on OCTOBER 23rd, 2010 from 3 – 6pm. We’ve got a real doozy for you this time around.

On October 23rd between 3 and 6pm, when you purchase any item from Matching Half Cafe, the owners of the cafe will reinvest their profits in making their business more energy efficient and environment friendly. Well you may ask: how much profit and what are they going to do with the money? I’m still finding the answer hard to believe.

How Much?

When The Wigg Party started to promote the Carrotmob idea with our local coffee shops, Morgan was convinced that we should encourage the owners to dedicate 100% of their profit from a potential Carrotmob event. Honestly, I thought that was a little severe.  Why not ask for 50% and let the businesses push the bid up with time?

The initial bid from Matching Half pledged 100% of their profits from a Carrotmob. I was already shocked when another cafe, Central Coffee, pushed the bidding above 100%. We could not have asked for more from Matching Half’s follow-up and now final bid: 200% of profits. That is to say, Matching Half Cafe will be the matching half committing an additional dollar for every dollar of the profit generated in the 3 hour time span (pun fully intended).

What Will They Do With It?

In the words of the business owners themselves, this is what they want to do with the money:

In order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels we propose the purchase of a bike trailer for use transporting produce from the local farmers market to our business.  The Burley Travoy with market bags is well suited for this task and lends itself nicely to the ride through the panhandle to the Stanyan Street market, which we currently attend weekly. $275 plus bags $65 each. [emphasis added]

Travoy trailer with attachments on a bike - photo credit Burley @ flickr.

But wait, $405 for the trailer and bags. We can surely raise over $400 for this local business. Matching Half is full of other great ideas assuming Carrotmob brings in more money:

Any amount in excess of this will be used to offset the cost of increased produce purchase from local vendors at this [Stanyan Street] and other farmers markets.

In addition, we would like to reduce the current 75% diversion rate of waste up to 90%. We will do this with the purchase of reusable food storage containers to reduce our reliance on plastic wrap and bags, while seeking out products from vendors who do not use plastics in their packaging.

But what if we are so lucky as to make them even more money. I mean, they are matching every penny that we raise at the Carrotmob:

If the event does extremely well, we will use excess funds for a trial phase of Organic Milk in our coffee drinks.  If this trial is successful, we will seriously consider a complete switch to organic dairy.

Wow! 200% of Carrotmob profits will provide this young business with a bike trailer, increase local food consumption, and divert waste all through one, three-hour event.

It is now up to you, the mob and consumer, to get out and support a local cafe that is working hard to create a sustainable business.

If caffeine isn’t your usual afternoon friend, don’t forget that Matching Half sells sandwiches, salads, pastries, as well as BEER and WINE in addition to their gourmet lattes and drip coffees.

You can stop by anytime on October 23rd between 3 and 6pm at Matching Half Cafe on the corner of McAllister and Baker. We’ll be out there with our wigs and carrot costumes. I guarantee a good time will be had by all.

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Miller Takes A Page From Levi’s Newest Marketing Strategy

Who here is a little sceptical of Levi’s recent marketing campaign? Well, who still can’t help but be impressed by the effectiveness of these ads, even if not completely convinced of their sincerity?  The new pop-up store for Levi’s in the Mission has had quite mixed reviews.  The positioning of the pop-up store in the heart of hipster heaven hasn’t prevented the well-educated populace of San Francisco from seeing this as, well, just what it is – another marketing strategy.  Maybe a more important question is: Does this marketing work?  Gauging from the amount of discussion such marketing has stirred you might think so; however, it remains to be seen if all the publicity is good.  For a much more in-depth discussion of Levi’s attempt at avant-garde marketing techniques than I am interested or capable of writing visit this Huffington Post article.

Alas, the pop-up store has now moved on, but what I find amusing and to which I wish to call your attention is a comparable attempt at hip marketing by Miller High Life.  Miller, in the below commercial, has taken a more tongue-in-cheek approach to the subversive marketing ploy.

I think this type of marketing may actually appeal more broadly to the afore-mentioned hipster community and others around the world. What are the two imperatives of such communities?  1) Cheap beer  and 2) Irony.  (Oh, did I get the order backwards?)  Miller now has it all, packaged for not much more than 50 cents a can.  I for one will stick to my micro and home brews, thank you very much.

Thanks to sfstreetsblog of all places for bringing this ironic blasphemy to my attention.

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